Kauai County Farm Bureau

Welcome to Kauai County Farm Bureau's website.

Affiliated with the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau, Kauai County Farm Bureau is a grassroots member based non-profit organization of farming families and friends of farmers united for the purpose of analyzing problems and formulating action to ensure the future of agriculture, promoting the well-being of farming and enhancing the local economy. Please contact us to find out more about Kauai County Farm Bureau and to join us in supporting Kauai farmers.


Kauai Independent Food Bank

Educate, Provide Nutritious Food for the Hungry and Respond to Emergencies

Our Vision

Providing service to our communities through our programs will demonstrate our quest to ensure food security for the peoples of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau.

Nutrition & Diabetes Education Counseling

Phone (808) 240-0140

Hoʻola Lahui Hawaiʻi offers individual nutrition counseling and individual diabetes education counseling