Diabetes Self-Management

Ideal for someone who is newly diagnosed with diabetes as well as someone who has had diabetes for years. Program consists of individualized health monitoring including HbA1c, and classes on how to manage your diabetes. Hui No Ke Ola Pono offers a monthly support group with an emphasis on diabetes education and techniques which will promote a healthy lifestyle.
Classes include: 
a.     Signs, symptoms and treatment for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
b.     Importance of monitoring using a meter and keeping a log book
c.     Lifestyle adjustment
d.     Pregnancy and Women’s Health
e.     Medications
f.      Nutrition
g.     Exercise
h.     Eye care
i.      Foot care
j.      Reducing Complications of diabetes

Women's Health Program

Ensures that women (insured and uninsured) get complete free culturally sensitive womenʻs health screenings.
  • Education on the importance of health screenings
  • How to-do self-breast exams
  • Free physical & finger stick lab work (cholesterol & glucose)
  • Free Pap-test
  • Free Mammogram
  • Free transportation if needed 

Health Monitoring (Preventative)

Preventative health status monitoring

Phone: (808) 244-4647


Onipaʻa (Stroke Prevention)

Phone: (808) 244-4647

Case Management, nutritional counseling, and education to improve hypertension and reduce stroke risks

Tobacco Use Screening

Phone: (808) 244-4647

Health Monitoring - Monitor your health status
Substance Abuse Assessment & more!